Let me start off by explaining my blog's name. This is my wolf:

{ Taken by myself. }

Not literally a wolf, of course, but I'm sure Lobo wishes he could be. He is a beautiful Alaskan Malamute who is currently obsessed with mischief. I'm sure I will share some of his adventures in this blog at one point or another. Why then, do you ask, did I say Wolves instead of Wolf in the title? That is because my husband is desperately trying to convince me that we should get another dog. We even have a name picked out: Pepper. So, I am just preparing for the inevitable. 

James and I were married in December 2010 at the Miramonte Resort in Indian Wells, CA. This comfy lounging spot is a part of this beautiful resort.

{Taken by Natan Vigna}

Ad the wishes... you can already see them coming through... You already know a second dog is part of our wish list but, most importantly, we wish/want/desire/NEED a home. For anyone who is familiar with the home buying process, you know our pain. For anyone who is familiar with the short sale process, you are extremely familiar with our lives. 

Being part of the marketing field and an art minor gravitates a woman towards certain things, mainly creative things. I feel like the creative umbrella covers many interests: interior design, photography, and fashion. Wishes and Wolves will be filled with constant sprinkles from each of those topics. I promise.

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