It was, overall, a very satisfying weekend. I spent a lot of the time trying to understand our lovely German visitors and realized that, while being half German, I am not particularly gifted at learning the language. Schändlich! (i hope that applies to what i'm saying!)

The young German boy, Adrian, and Lobo became quick friends at a nearby creek:

{ taken by myself }

Later that weekend, our good friends joined us for a little trip to Universal City Walk where we had lunch at the delicious Samba Restaurant. We are all Brazilians so this was a little taste of home and brought back some great memories. We later watched Salt which, I must say, is one of the better summer movies. We left the theater comtemplating a career change to stunt men and women.

{ taken by our Samba waitress. james, alex, julia, and me }
Happy Week!

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