wouldn't you like to spend a summer's night here? sign me up!

{ Mirrorcube Room }



It was, overall, a very satisfying weekend. I spent a lot of the time trying to understand our lovely German visitors and realized that, while being half German, I am not particularly gifted at learning the language. Schändlich! (i hope that applies to what i'm saying!)

The young German boy, Adrian, and Lobo became quick friends at a nearby creek:

{ taken by myself }

Later that weekend, our good friends joined us for a little trip to Universal City Walk where we had lunch at the delicious Samba Restaurant. We are all Brazilians so this was a little taste of home and brought back some great memories. We later watched Salt which, I must say, is one of the better summer movies. We left the theater comtemplating a career change to stunt men and women.

{ taken by our Samba waitress. james, alex, julia, and me }
Happy Week!



I have been trying to get started on our new home without some very important elements...the house. Despite that (minor-ish) set back, I am having fun picking accesories and decorations for our future dwelling place.

Excellent advertisement of Barnes & Noble classics and book ends I must say.

{ taken by myself }


Lobo is especially calm and well behaved this morning...I thought that deserved a picture =] Happy Sabbath.

{ taken by myself }



Clearly, this is amazing. Makes me want to have my own giant bubble photo shoot.
Happy Weekend!

Bubble portrait by Julianne Swartz }

in the mood for salt.

Must watch this weekend! Will it be any good? I will let you know.


I am so amazed by the Audrey Kawasaki's paintings on wood. They have this incredibly magical feel and I want one! They are a little pricey for my in-debt-because-of-university budget but maybe someday...

Note to self: Must paint more often!


Let me start off by explaining my blog's name. This is my wolf:

{ Taken by myself. }

Not literally a wolf, of course, but I'm sure Lobo wishes he could be. He is a beautiful Alaskan Malamute who is currently obsessed with mischief. I'm sure I will share some of his adventures in this blog at one point or another. Why then, do you ask, did I say Wolves instead of Wolf in the title? That is because my husband is desperately trying to convince me that we should get another dog. We even have a name picked out: Pepper. So, I am just preparing for the inevitable. 

James and I were married in December 2010 at the Miramonte Resort in Indian Wells, CA. This comfy lounging spot is a part of this beautiful resort.

{Taken by Natan Vigna}

Ad the wishes... you can already see them coming through... You already know a second dog is part of our wish list but, most importantly, we wish/want/desire/NEED a home. For anyone who is familiar with the home buying process, you know our pain. For anyone who is familiar with the short sale process, you are extremely familiar with our lives. 

Being part of the marketing field and an art minor gravitates a woman towards certain things, mainly creative things. I feel like the creative umbrella covers many interests: interior design, photography, and fashion. Wishes and Wolves will be filled with constant sprinkles from each of those topics. I promise.